Wednesday, May 11, 2016


 I want to make some quilt blocks for The Kindness Quilt Block Project in Kentucky. The blocks can not be larger than 6" mine turned out a little over 7"!  So will try 1" squares next time!

My little dolls will be happy with it though!

Friend Hope and I do art projects with some of the residents at a local health care facility every other month. They seem to really look forward to it, and try hard at what ever we plan for them!

This month we introduced them to simplified Zentangle Designs to paint for their doors.

We would put down one color of paint at a time and have them pick 2 spaces in the design to paint that color.

Then we'd wash their brush and give them another color to use.

Husband Maurice gave me this beautiful blue and white pot and fern for my Blue Bottle Garden on  Mother's day. Black Catty "Othello" loves to take his naps here on the table

I'd been wanting to get a Chartreuse Hosta but hadn't seen any in our town till this spring. I bought 2 of them! After a few years I will divide them and have more!

These 3 big pots of impatiens were marked down half price for $5.00 each last week! Yeah!

Been watchin for the climbing Nasturtiums to pop up I plant a couple of weeks ago. Finally saw some in one of the pots!

I just love spending time my garden!

I'd been wanting to make these flower lights out of water bottles Finally did it!

They are so fun! Especially at night!

Our Mother's Day Memory Picture from 1990.  Blessings on you and yours! You might enjoy my second blog: also.

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Bridget said...

You have been busy! Love all your projects and especially your garden.