Saturday, April 30, 2016


Got a bag of crystal prisms at a garage sale recently. Have had a lot of fun hanging them by fine wire around in the garden
I collect broken pieces of colored glass and mirror and pottery pieces for scattering in the paths in my Blue Bottle Garden. I enjoy the fairy fantasy like feeling it gives!

When the sun hits them they really glow!

I enjoy using old pieces of pottery in the garden also.

We recently celebrated Earth Day. So I got out my Earth Day painting I did of the porch at the Log Cabin we stayed at annually in Augusta, Mo. when we were going to the Spring Plein Air Painting Week. Friend Hope and I made the banner that year. I also collected the empty blue bottles at the breweries. That was the start of my Blue Bottle Garden

I attended a painting workshop in Harrisonville, Mo recently

I'm there!

We all did our own thing and it was fun! The painting I did  is pictured in the post  on my other  Happy Spring Time!


vivian said...

I didnt know you had two blogs. now which one shall I visit you at? I like your blue bottle chandelier!
have a happy day!

lynn cockrell said...

The crystals are a great find. I love how the prisms reflect and scatter light. Your Earth Day painting is wonderful and the blue bottles are too!

Joanne said...

Hi Marlynne,
The garden looks great!
Love the hosta in the zinc container mixed with the blue decor!
Thanks for sharing such a great look!
I'll have to give it a try!

Take care,