Thursday, December 3, 2015


Old Ironing Board Santa I painted years ago standing by the front door.

Our backdoor greeter!

Shepherd and Sheep in the front yard.

We've added icicle lights on the porch this year.

Santa and mailbox standing upright again after some vandalism last week!

Our old Barn with wooded stars inn the windows.

Just in case you didn't know!

Our 2 cats in there beds on the back porch. At night they sleep together!
My friend Robin Holloway at a Book Signing for her Cookbook to promote awareness of Hydrocephalus.

I was honored to design the cover.  Hope you are enjoying this special  Christmas Season too!


Michele Bilyeu said...

I just knew that I would find some interesting and fun ideas for Christmas decor here. You did not disappoint and I bet you have lots more that I will enjoy as I continue reading today and in the future! You are such a fun artist. I think of our mutual friend Mary Lou every time I come here for a visit. Same creative energy!

Rebecca said...

So many things I could have commented on here.....but what I am interested to know is how you hung the wooden stars in the windows?????

The cookbook design is charming. There are so many caregivers in our lives right now with Mother in the Special Care Neighborhood (as the dementia unit is called). They truly are a very, very special "breed"! ♥