Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Doesn't this just look like Christmas! The "Cobblestone Cottage" is a beautiful shop in The Old  Town of St. Charles down by the Missouri River. Sister Judy and I just had to have out picture taken here!

Wouldn't you like to take this whole setting home with you? I would!

Such a fun place to shop and eat! Old St Charles along the Mo. River

One of the darling darling shops that you want one of almost everything!
Such clever wall treatment in the entryway!

I didn't try it ! But I bet it was good!

Thought this was a funny sight in the Community Rest Room in St Charles!

Sister Judy at her most favorite shop of all "Siostra" Polish Pottery

Checking out the newest pieces. Judy has quite a collection of the beautiful stuff. She is really good at finding pieces at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales.

She just had to try on one of these originals!

Do you see the river and gazebo? This view is from the street where all the stores are located!

Such a pretty view looking into one of the shops

Finished my Folk Art Christmas Tree Banner while on the trip!  Decided I like it best on the front of the  refrigerator  so that's where it is now! Blessings on You and Yours during this Holiday Season. Hope you'll check out my 2nd too!

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Rebecca said...

OK. St. Charles is DEFINITELY on my radar now! I believe we visited there years and years and years ago.....time to return.

Your Christmas banner is really "precious".