Sunday, July 16, 2017


My newest Quote Journal #2

I took a picture of this framed piece of fabric art of mine and then ran it off on fabric. But I couldn't get it light enough for the cover of my journal so ended up painting the fabric1

This is Journal #1. I took a better picture but wouldn't you know this one came up!

Been wanting to paint this sign for some time! Finally got it done1 The flowers are finally looking better in the wagon too!

Husband Maurice has been working on a BIG PROJECT up adding a layer of insulation board all around the outside of the house then putting new siding over that. of course that required staining and painting too!

I love the pretty chartreuse potato vine by the back entrance, but it requires a lot of watering and then the weeds grow that much faster between the bricks!

Nostalgic old apple plaque!

Back Porch table centerpiece for summer.

 Finished this Fabric Fall Art Picture  while on vacation. Will use it later. 

Maurice kept the ladder from Davey's Playhouse for me for old times sake!

Path thru the Garden from the back entrance.

All ready enjoying the fall colors in the dining room!

Path thru the garden at the back of the porch.

Tasha loves to sit on the swing with us! I took a pretty good selfie of all of us, But naturally it didn't show up when I put my pictures on the blog! Happy Summer! Hope you'll check out my other blog  too.

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