Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Instead of the birds, I've gone to the chickens on the back porch!
Decided I wanted to cover My Quote Book in something fun!

I have filled 50 pages so far! I Love Quotes and use them in art!

I've been wanting to make a small pressing board to have on my sewing table so finally got it done!!

Been re-reading this book lately! It's terrific and full of Quotes!

Got this old 1950's book on our last trip. Finished it this past week, and it was good! Mother use to say I always picked out  Library Books for her by how I liked the covers!

Decided the little Fairy Corner needed it's garland, swag, banner or what ever you call it too! There are feathers and shiny pieces of foil as well as pieces of cloth, ribbon and lace

Another view!

Here I am hidden in The Blue Bottle Garden early one morning with the sun just coming up! I'm reading my Bible Readings and enjoying my new fountain. A 61st Anniversary Gift from my sweet husband

I have finally grown to really enjoy my scenting pot in the bathroom.

This is my absolute favorite scent! ZEN!

Two of my little rag dolls with the American Flag in support of the Americans in the Olympics! And my they have done fantastic too!   Well as one of my favorite authors: Gladys Taber said regarding late summer: " Summer is already walking the path to yesterday"! I'm ready too  I love Fall! You might want to visit my second blog: www.preciouscottageblogspot.com also  Blessings!


Cheryl said...

What a smart idea to make a small ironing board! Brilliant!

Be careful that that little lighted scented pot doesn't fall into water-- you'd get electrocuted!

donna said...

The fabric you pick for your book is great. I love the print.

Oh my gosh your gardens are awesome. I dream of have a back yard like
that one day.