Monday, February 17, 2014


I know I'm a little ahead of the calendar, but this is the way I do it: I leave my outside Christmas Decorations up adding Valentine Hearts, then take them down after Valentines day and put out spring! So this was the day! Our little dog "Tasha"  made the rounds with me!

I took out the live greenery and poinsettias and added tulips in my little sitting area.

Add little wooden hearts until I plant the bright yellow and purple violas later in March.

Front door with the spring wreath. Can see a little glimpse inside too!

Tulips and daffodils added to the grapevine wreaths on rail fence each side of the driveway

Sweet little handmade mat given to me by my special friend Rose Marie for Valentines Day I just love it! It's so me!

The back is corduroy.

A friend Patricia put this quote on facebook and I loved it so much I made a piece of art out of it! Hope you'll slip over a view my 2nd blog:

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