Saturday, February 1, 2014


I wanted a little something different for my exchange gift bags! Then I remembered the fabric flowers I made in the summer and hadn't done anything with. So painted a steam and leaves on the bags and pinned on the flower and there you go!

As you probably know I have a thing for cute campers and glamorous camping! So been wanting Mary Jane's book and got it!

My favorite early morning read spot. Don't get to do as much as I use to now that we care for our 2 1/2 year old great grandson full time.

Found this cute little  Christmas ornament a couple of years ago but I leave it out and enjoy it all year long!

I came across a neat facebook site: Jude Hill Spirit Cloth and was inspired to change one of her pieces to my own liking. Have ideas for several more animal 9-patch blocks too!

My newest painting: "Fish.Flora,Fauna Fantasy" is ready for hanging! This colorful 25"x 31" acrylic original would brighten an entry or any wall in your home! Price is $120.00

Husband Maurice doing his breathing treatment 3 times a day trying to get over "something" (the doctors can't seem to find out what) that he has had since July! I'm inviting you again to visit my other blog also: and Marlynne Snare Folk Artist on facebook

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Anonymous said...

Love that fish painting!! and I sure hope your husband gets over this "thing" whatever it is. My dad got Bronchitis really bad and it turned into some other serious stuff. He is doing better but man, not being able to breath -- it's scary stuff.