Sunday, April 7, 2013


My weathered cross was made by a friend at church for our Easter Services. After finding out that it was available I made an agreement to contribute to a mission project he is involved in as payment. As I use the blue bottles in my garden I decided the blue and white drape suited it fine! I will probably change the drape from time to time with the seasons. There are white and green leaved hostas starting to come up in the rocked off area.
An inside project I'm working on at church in one of the nursery rooms. I'm doing a lot of praying on this one! It doesn't bother me when I only have myself to please, but much different here! Will keep you posted!
Isn't all this color beautiful!! I had seen other bloggers use some of this Sari ribbon and finally ask one where she got it! So to Etsy I went! Have lots of ideas for it's use! Will show you later.

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Jen said...

Hello Marlynne, The outside project looks great especially when the white hostas start comeing up. The inside wall project is lovely with that wonderful tree and flowers. Cant wait to see the finished project.