Monday, July 23, 2012


 I have blue mason jars that I fill with zinnas every week and take to a few to my friends,plus a bouquet for ourselves. Picking up the used jar and leaving a freshly filled one each time.  With the temperature 103-106 the last few weeks and no rain but  few drops for 14 weeks, it's been a challenge!  I water  the 100 foot long flower bed .every other night. The other day I picked a big pink one with three centers! I keep all the dead blooms for seed for next year  so will see if they reproduce!
 Got this cute little sand bucket with flowers at a shop in Augusta, Mo. in the spring. It's still alive!

 This is the pink zinna with the three centers! I understand this is a rare occurence!


laurajane said...

The flowers are beautiful,my garden has done badly this year,with so much rain.
The weather has just this week started to feel like summer,and here we are almost into August.My roses are just starting to bloom,very late.
Laura xx

The Painted Garden said...

Oh goodness - your Zinnias are beatiful. I really struggle to grow mine so close to the ocean as I think they need more sun and heat. I just picked mine and plan to paint them while still blooming.
Have a lovely day.