Friday, July 27, 2012


Design Inspired by blog friend Sandra Kaye and Newest Pray Flag "Take Heart-Be Encouraged "inspired by the needs of all of us right now: for Rain, Need of Healing in Bodies, Families, Marriages, Church Relationships, Government and most of all In Ourselves!  A Prayer for those we love from The Book Of Common Prayer:  Almighty God, we entrust all who are dear to us to thy never-failing care and love, for this life and the life to come, knowing that thou art doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen   By the way This my 200th Post! I Can't believe how much I have enjoy this Blog!


Sandra Kaye said...

Wow .... It is totally awesome!!!! Love it!!!

laurajane said...

It's lovely,Marlynne.I think Sandie is inspiration to a lot of us.
I love blog land to,meeting lots of lovely people all over the globe.
Laura xx

Holly Loves Art said...

Such a gorgeous piece! A real work of art and something to be so proud of. It's wonderful!