Thursday, January 5, 2012


My long awaited package arrived yesterday with these 3 darling Quilties!  The Red & Green Plaid  Quiltie has a White Sparklie Snowman with White Snowflake trim and a Shiney Green Mini Christmas Light Dangling from the bottom. so Pretty! This was from no other than Sandra Kaye our Leader Excellance! The second Quiltie, White background with Red/Orange Heart and Gold Bow and trim is A Shiney/Sparkly Beauty! This Quiltie came from Tom Sondergaard. My Third Quiltie came from Sandy Rowe. It is a darling  FolkArt  Creamy/Beige Creation with Red plaid Sock trimmed in Green filled with Presents. The Butttons  and  Shiney Trim  and Unusual Shape all add to it's Charm! Thank you one and all it was great fun! I'm already thinking about our next assignment with Lace! So Fun!

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Sandra Kaye said...

Im so glad that you liked them... I also enjoy this trade. Talk with ya later!!! Hugs