Monday, August 28, 2017


In honor of our 62nd Wedding Anniversary I added one of my Kurzweil boards to the back entrance wall.

Have a little folk art gallery outside the back porch!

We celebrated our Anniversary in Jamesport, Mo. about 3 hrs from here.

Had the lunch buffet here.

Starting on year #63! We are Blessed!

We saw lots of Amish and Buggies. We shopped at their stores too!

Most everybody has gone through a session of making this! It's so good! Too good!

A pretty and inviting porch on front of one of the shops.

Of course I'm interested in the decor also! Neat skirt idea!

Listened for awhile here! Would have liked to stay longer!

Some of the musicians and  listeners.

Taking some pictures of Tasha for a painting.

She talks with her ears.  Hope all is well with you all out there too! God Bless You One and All! My other blog is                       

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