Friday, March 18, 2016


I called this pretty dress sister Judy found "Catch a Man Dress"

Just darling in the back too!

This 50's Pluto Clock was given to me the other day! I couldn't believe my good fortune!! Wish I could get it fixed! I bet the eyes roll , ears move and tongue wags!

Cute little children's teas set trays!

Old red children's shovel!

Two birdhouse guaranteed to not draw birds!

Strand of outdoor lights remind me of old canister tins instead of red peppers!

For a doily garland!

Rust Chimes for my garden and red frames!

Another beautiful "Bling" necklace!

Judy found another old adorable handmade Andy! We both can hardly resist them when they are priced reasonably!

Judy loves green ware! The vase is green also even though it looks yellow in the picture!

A precious little Victorian piece!

I wore another "Bling" piece Sunday so Maurice took my picture!

Just finished this gripping  first novel by my friend Sharon Lovejoy. It's  about 2 run away girls helped to find safety thru the Underground Railroad Network. Really an excellent book!
The Go-Go Girls +One had another birthday outing and ate at one of our favorite places  Hope you are enjoying your days too1 Happy Spring!

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lynn cockrell said...

What a fun shopping trip that must have been for you and your sister! We are a Disney loving family and your Pluto is wonderful. You found so many great things. Those little tea trays are adorable!