Sunday, September 8, 2013


Tucked in the woods in Olathe, Kansas is this darling Artist Studio Boutique and Yellow Barn Pottery and Gift Shop.

I'd been hearing about these "Garden Stakes" but not seen any! It's a fun idea!

Been working hard ! Now have a date for our first  Folk Art  Show & Flea Market, Oct 19th. But had two other opportunities come about! The new M & B Mercantile in Garden City, Mo. would like to feature me as a Local Artist during the Fall Festival! I was worried about showing my art out in the heat in Sept. so this is perfect!  Then the 3rd thing was she happened to mention she had located the building she wanted for her Antique/Furniture Mall and there were just a couple of booths left and they were $50.00 a month. I said I'd think on it, well I went around the block ,came back and said I'll do it! So we're in in the "Both Business"  again!. It's been probably 5 years since out last venture! My sister Judy will work with me like in the past. But this time the main focus will be my Folk Art with her Antique/Boutique finds as "fillers"! So will not be the pressure on her!

This is fitting for me! I love my coffee and mornings!

One of my favorite quotes! Everytime I paint me it looks like Mother! Everyone said we looked alike though she had more hair!

One of our 4 &5 Yr. Old's favorite songs in Sunday School !  I just paint what's goin thru my mind at the time!

I love quotes and keep a Quote Book  that I'm always adding to. So my Folk Art is a perfect fit for me!

I'm going to add Polka Dot ribbon to hangers on these. Maybe in sets of 3 or individually.

Well, "Happy Fall" to you!  It's my favorite time of year! Here I am showing off my new bag and bracelet I purchases at the Junque Boutique.

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

YOu are going to do so great with your new booth, love the signs!