Friday, February 24, 2012

TRADE QUILTIES TIME featuring lace

These are the Quilties I sent for trade: FLY,FLY, FRIEND, VICTORIAN SHELVES and FUN
These are the Quilties I received in trade: RED HEART from Carolyn Ross from Marcelin, SK, Canada ( ; ROSES & LACE from Vicki Zoller from Jacksonvville, Fla. ( and AT THE BEACH fromLynette Hammit from Parks, Az. ( This trade was fun as always! I enjoyed each one! I have 19 quilties now and will be figuring out how to display them soon. Any Ideas?
A Big Thanks to Sandra Kaye (  for sponsoring this trade!!

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Sandra Kaye said...

I am making a book...I will be making a front cover, back cover, and a spine..then I will sew each quiltie in as a page. I just haven't made it many things going on at once...But when I do I will post it. Hugs Sandra