Thursday, November 24, 2011


How exciting from the first glimpse of my gift box where Ellen Wery of had painted a big red poinsetta on it and printed my name so elegantly! As I opened the box shredded crinkled red and white paper overflowed with red sparklie tissue paper and Christmas wrap hid the treasures inside.Ellen had even selected a Christmas card with my name "Joy" on it! I was so anxious to see the Minin quilt Is searched for it first!  Oh My! What Perfection! I could tell she had done this many times before!  She is a good teacher for me! The Colorful and Cozy Winter Scene spoke to my Folk Art  personality. I just love it! The little red and green fabric Santa Red bird is precious,  it can reside in any room of our house. The litttle" Be Warm Inside & Out" notebook and Christmas Pencils speak to my love of Journaling.  And then lastly the beatiful Silver Box of Chocolates is a real treat  that  I don't allow myself very often! Will have to ration them out very sparingly relishing each bite!  Oh Elleen, I hope you will except my gift box to you as from a Folk Art Artist and less than Perfectt Quilter! I Thank Victoria Findlay Wolfe from bumblebeansinc@ for organizing such a fun Christmas Trade1

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